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Toddlers Shoes

Your precious baby has learned to walk, and wants to discover the world... it´s time for the first real shoes!

Our First Steps Collection of Children's Shoes is designed for toddlers and their soft little feet which require extra care. Our First Steps shoes have thinner rubber soles and the sole construction is even more flexible than our regular soles for older children. This allows for a very natural foot movement and the development of the foot muscles.

Most First Steps Shoes from Menthe et Grenadine have higher backs to support ankles and give more stability to each step, knowing that toddlers find plenty of things to trip over! Our beautiful European leathers which allow little feet to breath and avoid sweaty feet! We designed our First Steps shoes especially for toddler's feet which are more triangular in shape, so we use different lasts than for our older children's shoes. Our First Steps shoes come in sizes 3 to 8.5.

First Steps

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