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A little about us...

After realising how increasingly hard it is to find good-quality and affordable children shoes of simple and timeless style, we decided to pursue courses in shoe design and foot health to launch our first collection of children shoes in 2011.

MetG designs are manufactured in small family-run European factories that still master the art of traditional shoemaking. This implies a great deal of handicraft, which fascinates us each time we visit them! Enjoy an exciting insight on our workshop page.

In order to meet our requirements in quality, practicality, design and comfort, every detail of a shoe is chosen carefully: the design and shape, the sole and fastening, the lining and upper leather, and the finishing touches like hand-perforated details or fabric-covered edges.

At Menthe et Grenadine we trained at the Society of Shoefitters that focuses on foot health and correct footwear. MetG designs respect the health of little feet by choosing the right shape, soft European leathers inside out and flexible natural rubber soles.

We are proud about our online shoe fitting. Our fitting page guides you through precise feet measuring and individual size charts. The secret lies in knowing the exact inner lengths of each size in each style. This requires a lot of measuring from our part but it is worth it.

We also have put together advices on how to fit new shoes at home. Our job only ends once you confirm that the shoes fit and your child runs off showing off the new shoes!

Our illustrated website will hopefully be equally enjoyed by you and your children, making online shoe shopping a fun experience. All illustrations are lovingly hand-drawn by Katharina.

Christian & Katharina von Massenbach

Christian & Katharina von Massenbach

... And where does the brand name come from?

Long summer holidays spent on the French Vendée coast, spending many high-teas with cousins under the shadow of pine trees, eating brioche and drinking the delicious mint and red fruit cordials “sirops de menthe et grenadine” not only brought unforgettable childhood memories but also the inspiration for Menthe et Grenadine!